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Sydney and NSW Trains – Understanding the ballot process

Dec 6, 2017

Voting for the Protected Action Ballot will open this Friday, December 8 and you need to vote as soon as you receive your ballot papers in the mail.

Ballot papers should start arriving from the 13th of December. Don’t forget this is a postal ballot, so the only way you will receive your papers to vote is in the mailbox.

Voting in the Ballot is easy. Just vote YES for all questions so that we have as many options of protected action available to us as we need to secure fair rights and conditions. Voting YES to an action doesn’t necessarily mean we will need to take that action, but it gives us the option, which is critical.

Click here to download this easy How-To-Vote form.

Once we have as many actions approved as possible, we can decide what action is necessary in order to secure the Agreement that you deserve.

So far, management is refusing to budge on key issues that you’ve told us matter to you.

Issues such as management’s inadequate pay offer; securing your staff travel rights, and protecting your job security.You can see more detail on the specifics of the negotiations at www.rtbuexpress.com.au/trainseba. These are your wages and conditions on the line – make sure you vote to protect them.

Make sure your ballot form arrives at the correct address by updating your details here, or go to: bit.ly/trainsea

In Solidarity,
Your RTBU team.

Download a copy of this bulletin here.