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The RTBU is a campaigning union which has been involved in numerous campaigns to defend and extend people’s rights at work and their democratic rights in the community for more than a century. The direct involvement of members in all industrial and community campaigns is one of the fundamental reason why the RTBU has been so successful in improving the working conditions and lives of our members and their families.

The RTBU’s campaigning techniques are based on a combination of learning from our history as a industry union while incorporating new and emerging campaigning techniques into the way in which we operate.

The RTBU campaigns in order to:

  • identify strategic leverage opportunities in order to exert pressure on relevant organisations and individuals to achieve the attainment of RTBU goals;
  • develop meaningful links with relevant community organisations to gain support for the goals of the RTBU and its members;
  • provide educational opportunities to organisers, delegates and workplace activists; and
  • build union power in workplaces by ensuring industrial goals reflect the defence and promotion of Your Rights at Work.

Below are the campaigns the RTBU is currently working on:


Our Transport


Our Transport is a network of commuters whose daily lives depend on decent public transport.

At a time when governments are privatising services and cutting costs, we are speaking out in support of our transport services and the workers who deliver them.

Here are some of the campaigns we are running on Our Transport

Complain to Constance – whether you catch a bus, tram,  ferry or a train, tell Constance that it’s time he fix our transport!







Don’t Sell Our Buses







Save the Bankstown rail line from privatisation!







New timetable woes? Tell us about them! We’re collecting a list of timetable complaints to take to the Minister.






Save Our Stations

Screenshot 2016-04-15 10.58.14

More than 30 regional rail stations around New South Wales are being closed or will have jobs slashed by the Baird Liberal Government. Workers from around the state face an uncertain future as the government attacks our regional communities to save a few dollars. We have to act now to Save Our Stations.

Keep Us Safe


Security on the NSW Transport network is at an all time low. Members are reporting horrific assaults, vandalism and regular abuse. Measures introduced by the O’Farrell/Baird Government are a failure and action needs to be taken to protect the workforce and commuters. We need your help (more)

Swab testing



The RTBU backs member concerns that the current urine-based drug testing is outdated and discriminatory, especially to female workers. We are campaigning to replace this regime with the just as accurate and less invasive saliva swab testing. Join the campaign here.


Workers compensation



Since taking office, the O’Farrell Government has slashed workers compensation benefits in the name of cost cutting. The RTBU has joined the UnionsNSW campaign to stop the erosion of workers comp and workers rights. Join the campaign now!


Local Community Unions



The union movement has its roots in local communities and unions are re-discovering the power of grassroots issues for the overall benefit of our communities. Find out more about your local group here.