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The RTBU advances and defends the interests of its members, representing and lobbying for their rights in the workplace and for their industry. The Union achieves this by maintaining members pay and conditions, ensuring a safe workplace and assisting members and their families.

As part of the wider Union movement the RTBU also lobbies around broader issues on social, welfare, economic and political grounds on behalf of working people.

As a member of the RTBU you are able to immediately access a range of industrial and workplace services and resources for industrial education, services, training and representation.

The RTBU can also refer members a range of direct non-industrial services, such as legal aid, health insurance, taxation advice, financial funds, dental services, education programs, scholarships, holiday units and packages, superannuation benefits, social clubs, a credit union, housing loans and a range of other social, recreational and welfare facilities for members.

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Union Health

TUH Health Fund, which brings us Union Health, has been named Private Health Insurer of the Year in the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards.  

Join the health fund delivering outstanding service and great value cover suited to your lifestyle and budget.  

Click here for more information. 

Why Union Health is the go to health insurance for transport workers and their families?

  • Quality, affordable health cover options.
  • Exclusive member perks including discounts.
  • Submit claims in a snap and more with our member App.

Australian Mutual Bank

Australian Mutual Bank (formerly Endeavour Mutual Bank) has proudly supported the Rail & Transport industry and their families for over 60 years.

Their purpose is to provide Australians who want ethical financial services with a bank that aligns with their values.

They provide banking services for humans and social needs as opposed to corporate speculative gain.

  • Home loans
  • Car loans
  • Personal loans
  • Green loans
  • Credit cards
  • Visa debit cards
  • Budgeting tools
  • Savings accounts
  • Term deposits

100% Customer owned – On becoming a member of Australian Mutual Bank, you’re not just a customer, you’re an owner!

We encourage RTBU members to contact them for any banking needs: bd@australianmutual.bank


Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers

The RTBU has a long history with White Barnes solicitors, recently merged with Carroll & O’Dea Lawyers, who are experienced practitioners to deal with all members legal concerns and enquiries.


RTBU Holiday Park

Located on the waterfront at Jervis Bay, the RTBU Holiday Park offers members a family friendly holiday with modern, fully furnished units near pristine beaches.

For bookings please contact the office on 02 9264 2511


Riverside Resort at Port

RTBU members can also take advantage of the United Services Union’s Riverside Resort at Port in a glorious location on the Hastings River at Port Macquarie.


Transport Life and Leisure

Become a member today and enjoy access to amazing holiday destinations, exclusive access to affiliated sporting groups and discount programs.


Aware Super

Aware Super offers a range of help and guidance for their members, giving expert advice to help them grow their super.