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Work time win

Sep 29, 2017News

The matter of allocation of Time Credits for station staff has once again reared its ugly head with NSW Trains rostering both Lithgow and Mt Victoria depots time credits for the whole of the October long weekend.

This was done on the basis of track work occurring between Katoomba and Lithgow over that period with the flimsy excuse given that Katoomba is not a relief location there for negating any work being available for those two depots.

Traditionally, both depots would travel passenger to Katoomba and commence duty from there, all within their required shift limits. To the cynical, it would appear that these continued actions appear to be a deliberate attempt to strip workers of their weekend penalty rates, pubic holiday payments and accruals. The matter was placed into dispute with the outcome being that all members at both depots will receive the full value of their original rostered working as if they had worked those shifts. This includes all entitlements as set out in Schedule 4B of the EA, applicable mileage payments and weekend penalty rates as well as public holiday entitlements. Members should review their pay and advise their local delegate or contact head office if any of these entitlements are not paid.

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