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Work Health and Safety Update

Nov 14, 2014RTBU News

To: Sydney Trains Station Staff Members

Work Health and Safety Update

Sydney Trains – Stations

Health and Safety Representative Elections (HSRs) 2014


Finally, after months of negotiations between Union Delegates and Management, overseen by WorkCover, we are now in position to commence WH&S Act and Regulation compliant HSR elections.

The first step in this election process is to seek nominations for the HSRs and Deputy HSR positions.

Nomination forms together with general information on the number of HSR positions, work groups and the electoral boundaries will be mailed out to all Sydney Trains Station Staff commencing 19th November 2014.

Members are reminded that there is agreement for (3) work groups, those being Wages, Salary and Cleaners, (56) HSR positions, (56) Deputy HSR positions and (14) electoral boundaries.

The processes for these elections are:

  • To be eligible to nominate and vote you must work in the workgroup and area you are nominating for.
  • It is “self-nominating”.
  • A nomination for HSR is an automatic nomination for Deputy HSR, unless the candidate advises otherwise.
  • First past the post wins the position. (majority)
  • Mark ballot papers with “ticks”.

Nominations for the HSR and Deputy HSR positions open: 20th November 2014

Nominations Close: 4th December 2014.

The number of nominations received will dictate whether a ballot will be required. If a ballot is required this will open 5th January and close 19th January.

To ensure that the election process is conducted in a fair and ethical manner the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has been contracted to administer the process.

Members are encouraged to nominate for the HSR and Deputy HSR positions. This is to ensure that workers in their work group have WH&S compliant representation and are represented by the persons elected by them rather than a process of being represented by others who may or may not have their health and welfare as their first and foremost thoughts.

The Union will keep members advised as to the progress of this issue.