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Women in the union – Narelle Sinclair

Apr 13, 2015Bus Express

 Narelle Sinclair 2Meet Narelle Sinclair, RTBU Affirmative Action Delegate

Narelle Sinclair has a long history of standing up for workers rights. She was the union delegate at Brookvale depot for more than seven years before being recently elected to branch council.

Narelle is now one of the RTBU’s Affirmative Action Delegates and is on the Women’s Campaign Committee.

Here’s what Narelle says about her new role:

“The transport industry is very male-dominated and it’s important that women support each other both in the workplace and through the union. 

That’s why we need Affirmative Action Delegates and the Women’s Campaign Committee – to stand up for women in the workplace.

We want to see women in our industry empowered so they understand their rights, feel they can ask when they need assistance, and are confident to apply for positions in their organisations and in the union.

Employers also are obliged to ensure that women are given equal opportunity in the workplace, and we aim to hold them to account.

The Women’s Campaign Committee has already had a big win for women and that was getting the domestic violence clause in the Bus Operators award which gives victims five days of paid leave. This has since been included in the Salaried Officers award for State Transit.”

– Narelle Sinclair, RTBU Affirmative Action Delegate

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