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Win for the RTBU on bus repairs

May 27, 2014Bus Express

Bus Division members at Ryde depot have had a win in their efforts to get management to take action over malfunctioning 0500 series buses.

RTBU Bus and Tram Division President Gary Way said despite bus drivers reporting serious faults with the 0500 series of buses for years, nothing had been done to address the safety of the 1978 model used on public bus routes around Sydney.

The most common problem reported with the 0500 was a sudden loss of acceleration experienced particularly when the buses were on an uphill slope, or while turning. The buses also frequently shuddered violently as they struggled to get up to speed, compromising passenger safety and leading to public complaints.

Eighty-five of the 300 buses stationed at the Ryde bus depot are from the 0500 series and this series is used on more than 50 bus routes across the city.

Continued inaction by the STA to adequately fix the malfunctioning 0500 series led Ryde Depot drivers and RTBU representatives to warn management that if the buses weren’t comprehensively overhauled, the union would launch a public campaign on the issue.

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