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What they think about your safety

Oct 2, 2020News

Bulletin No: 50.20

Today members at Sydney Trains received communication that they “may be required” to assist with testing the New InterCity Fleet (NIF) when it comes through your station next week.

This communication came without any consultation with RTBU delegates or Health and Safety Representatives (HSR).

The RTBU is in dispute with NSW Trains and Transport for NSW about their proposed operating model. We have not seen any evidence that the NIF, in its current form, is safe.

Providing a right of way to the NIF is not safe and may leave our members in a position where they may be held liable for something that goes wrong.

The RTBU has commissioned an independent safety report which is still being developed. This expert will have access to the train, unlike the author of the Metcalfe Report, who conducted their safety audit from behind a desk

The move by Sydney Trains to help NSW Trains force the NIF onto our network without independent verification it is safe is both insulting and dangerous.

The NIF has been intentionally designed to function as Driver Only Operations and we know it is being tested without a Guard on the train. Even if a Guard is present, due to a design flaw, they will be confined to their cab when the train arrives and departs the platform.

This risk is unacceptable. By providing a right of way you are putting yourself, your workmates, and the community at risk.

The RTBU has put this issue into dispute under clause 8.9 of the Agreement. Members should ask management for other available work at the time the NIF arrives at their station. You will not lose any remuneration for this time.

Members are reminded that if you are issued an unsafe directive that you are within your rights to refuse it on safety grounds. If you have any questions, please contact your delegate or organiser.

Issued by:
Trent Hunter
Authorised by:
Alex Claassens
Branch Secretary

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