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What does Pacific National have to hide?

Jul 9, 2015Loco Express

Labour Rationalisation at Cootamundra, Parks & IBT

As many of our Pacific National members would know, we have serious concerns about the labour rationalisation process at Cootamundra, Parkes and IBT depots.

At previous meetings with Pacific National, Locomotive Division representatives requested more information about the process, and particularly about how employees were selected for involuntary redundancy. However, the company refused to provide the information, leading to representatives wondering what it is that the company is hiding.

In addition, PN has disregarded every option put forward by members and Loco division representatives about how involuntary redundancies could be minimised. While the company says it may consider options like voluntary redundancy swapping or job sharing, the conditions it has imposed make it seem almost impossible for that to occur.

PN has also refused to agree to pro-rata long service leave for those employees who are forced redundant before completing their five years of employment.

The Loco division recently initiated a dispute about the labour rationalisation process at the Fair Work Commission.

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