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Western Sydney’s peak-hour train services to be slashed

Apr 19, 2017Loco Express

The NSW Government plans to cut direct peak hour train services from Penrith while bringing new express trains to the Northern line, according to documents obtained by the ABC.

A reduction of ‘West to North’ capacity by 25 per cent was predicted in the NSW Government’s planning documents, which were only secured by the ABC after a three-year long legal battle.

It’s no wonder the NSW Government wanted to keep them secret – reduced capacity means more passengers on already crowded trains and highlights yet another problem with the Government’s $20 billion metro project.

Whilst the Government may publicly say they are focused on increasing services to the western and outer suburbs, this is clearly just a smoke screen. These documents show that they are actually prioritising the Northern Line and reducing services for the west.

You have to wonder what Minister for Western Sydney Stuart Ayres has been doing or how effective he is!

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