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Watch your speed – train speed monitoring

May 30, 2014Loco Express

Sydney Trains has advised the Loco Division that it will be utilising track side monitoring equipment to monitor train speeds at 16 locations across the network between Newcastle, Lithgow, Wollongong and Macarthur.

These devices, which are already installed, are used for measuring wheel load etc have always had the capability to monitor train speeds, a fact which was largely unknown until recently.

When an over speed is detected, an automatic email is triggered alerting an arm of the RMC unit who until recently have done little with this information. Now however, each detected incident will now be actioned according to the Speed Compliance Policy guidelines.

This will obviously apply to all NSW and Sydney Trains drivers as well as all freight trains operating in these areas.  Additionally, portable track-side detection equipment is now available and can also be utilised at any time or location.

If you have any questions about the new system, don’t hesitate to contact the union office.

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