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Jan 25, 2018News

The NSW Government and management have gone to the Fair Work Commission to put a temporary halt to our actions from 6pm tonight.

Despite a fight from your RTBU team lead by a barrister and senior solicitor, the Commission has ordered a temporary stop to actions.

The Fair Work Commission has issued a legal order to say that ALL ACTION must be stopped for six weeks.  

:See the order here.


See the decision here


This government has shown it is willing to do what it takes to push its unfair agenda.

It is very important that all members note we are legally obliged, from 6pm TONIGHT, to not continue with ANY ACTION. If you engage in unprotected action, you risk penalties and you will not be able to take protected action once the 6 weeks is up.

No action is to take place until further notice.

This means that you need to stop wearing your badges and your union clothes, you must work overtime as you normally do after 6pm tonight and you must work as usual on Monday 29 January.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact the office on 9264 2511. Stay tuned – we’ll update you again as soon as we have new information.

In Solidarity,

Your RTBU team.

Download the bulletin PDF here.

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