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Urgent NIF Update – Misleading Statements by NSW Trains

Jun 12, 2019Bulletins

Bulletin 37/19

To: NSW Trains Guards

Members will be aware that NSW Trains have presented the RTBU with their proposed operating model for the new NIF trains and are now advising members of the same at their “In the Know” sessions.

Now we have heard that NSW Trains management are touting their proposed operating model as being the result of 2 years consultation with the RTBU which is disingenuous as it implies the RTBU is in agreement with their proposal.

To be clear, the RTBU opposes the NSW Trains proposed operating model on many grounds.

We are currently in the process of fully digesting the 100 page document presented last week and will be further discussing its contents and all outstanding issues with NSW Trains over the coming weeks.

Members are reporting that they were presented with documents at the “In the Know” sessions which amounted to derogatory and simplistic black and white drawings of the drivers and guards roles which left them feeling offended. Some members have likened them to coloring in books that come with a happy meal.

For full and factual information regarding the NIF train and its operations, members are encouraged to discuss this with their local Delegate or contact their Organiser


Issued & Authorised by:

Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary