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Update on OSP 6 – Right of Way Procedures for Station Staff and On Train Repeaters

Feb 11, 2015Bulletins

Bulletin 12 – 2015

To RTBU Sydney/NSW Trains Stations & Train Guards Members,


Further to our previous Bulletin No.11/2015, we can advise that the management did agree to postpone the trial that was to commence on Sunday the 8th so that we could meet on Monday and further discuss the proposed trial of the removal of the safety vests.

RTBU officials and delegates met with Sydney Trains management on Monday, 9th February and after considerable debate and disagreement on the impacts on safety that the removal of the vests would have, Sydney Trains management insisted that they would implement the trial.

They did however decide to have a limited trial restricting the trial to seven (7) stations for six (6)weeks and these stations are:

Central, Strathfield, Town Hall, Wynyard, Parramatta, Sydenham and Chatswood.

The RTBU insists that the trial will require a full and accurate record of all concerns and feedback to be provided and that individual risk assessments need to be conducted at each location.

These risk assessments must be done with the full involvement and consultation of the elected HSRs and local staff representatives. It will also be a requirement that if the risk assessment(s) indicate that safety is being compromised then the proposal will have to be withdrawn.

This proposal clearly demonstrates the priority that is being put on safety with it now clearly coming in at the number 3 position, safety now follows No.1 – On-Time Running (OTR), No.2 – Fashion (you must look good) and then No.3 – Safety.

If Members have any concerns during the trial please ensure that you immediately raise them with management and document them and forward a copy to the Union and if you have any other concerns contact your local delegate or Mick Cartwright on (02) 9264 2511.


Issued by:            Authorised by:
Mick Cartwright

Branch Organiser

         Alex Claassens

         Branch Secretary

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