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Update: Non Payment of Time Worked at 150% when called in with less than 24 hours Notice

Jan 28, 2016Bulletins

Bulletin 2 – 2016

To: RTBU Members: Signallers

The RTBU met with Sydney Trains on the 22nd January 2016 in relation to the back pay claim dispute. The basis of the dispute is the non-payment of 150% when called in to cover a shift with less than 24 hours notice providing the shift does not attract any further penalties (E.g. being called in for a public holiday).

The purpose of the meeting was so Sydney Trains could update the RTBU of the current status of this dispute. Sydney Trains position is as below;

  • Sydney Trains payroll have calculated the amount of backpay that Signallers and Area Controllers are owed from the microster on an individual basis.
  • The date for the final package in relation to the backpay claim will be presented to the RTBU on the 22nd of February 2016.
  • After this date Sydney Trains will send out letters to home addresses to Signallers and Area Controllers that are entitled to backpay. Basically if you were called in for work with less than 24 hours notice and worked the overtime within the six year period that is covered by the dispute you will be entitled to backpay.
  • The payments will also include some retired Signallers and Area Controllers. In addition, the estate of some Signallers and Area Controllers will be included.

The RTBU advises members to ensure that Sydney Trains have their correct mailing address.

The RTBU will update members on this dispute progress after the 22nd February 2016. If you have any further questions or comments please contact your local delegate or the RTBU office.

Issued by: Authorised by:
Helen Bellette


Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary

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