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Upcoming ballot at Central ETR: make sure you vote!

Mar 12, 2017Loco Express

The Central ETR Sub Division is currently holding an election for the position of Depot Organiser.

After the decentralisation of Central (WP3), transfers created vacant positions and nominations were called for Depot Organiser, Convenor and Membership Co-Ordinator.

Congratulations to Lincoln Pavett and Jake Barnes, who were elected Convenor and Membership Coordinator unopposed.

Given that two nominations were received for the position of Depot Organiser, an internal depot election will now be held by ballot paper, under the rules of the union. All current members of that depot are eligible to vote, based on the members roll held by RTBU Head Office.

The two candidates up for election are Giovanna Bonelli and Pushpinder Singh.

Depot meetings are being held Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th at 10am, 12pm and 2pm each day and ballot papers will be given to all attendees. Ballot papers will also be left in drivers’ folders at TCAC.

The election period will be for two weeks from Monday 13th March 2017 to Monday 27th March 2017. A independant returning officer has been appointed.

Members have been given the opportunity to democratically elect their representative and should take the opportunity to do just that and become involved.

If there are any issues with the system or ballot papers please contact head office prior to the end of the election timeframe.

Congratulations to all successful representatives elected and standing. Members and the union appreciate the effort and hard work ahead.

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