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Unions Release Plan to Tackle Rising Inequality

Mar 5, 2019News

Are you feeling the pinch of rising cost of living that just doesn’t keep up with wages & pensions?

Do you feel the gap between the very rich and working people is growing?

You’re not alone.

Today Australian Unions have released a report showing Australians are experiencing the largest fall in living standards in 30 years.

Meanwhile, the number of Australian billionaires has quadrupled over the past decade and Australian CEOs were paid more in the first five days of 2018 than an average worker earned the entire year.

The evidence of rising inequality is undeniable, yet the Morrison Government continue to deny it is even a problem.

If we don’t change course, Australia will go further down the road of entrenching Americanised working conditions: where dead-end jobs, long working hours, no holidays, zero job security and poverty pay levels become the norm.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. This is our plan to tackle inequality and raise the living standards of all Australians:

  • Restore balance to workplace negotiations.
  • Invest in schools & hospitals
  • Raise Newstart
  • Create secure jobs that people can count on
  • Curb excessive corporate power
  • Ensure big business & the very rich pay their fair share of tax

Working people in Australia are ready to take action to tackle inequality.

Join us to change the rules, change the government and restore our living standards. Check out the full report here.

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