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Unions protest as the Hunter loses more jobs

Feb 14, 2016News

IMG_5272With State and Federal Liberal Governments coming after our jobs and working conditions, unions have joined together in the Hunter to protest more threatened job cuts.

The protest outside the office of Bob Baldwin MP in Raymond Terrace came in response to the forcible removal by police of five workers from the bulk alumina carrier CSL Melbourne docked in Newcastle.

Only two months ago, unions in Newcastle were protesting the proposed privatisation of Newcastle Buses and Ferries, now they have come together again to defend the jobs of seafarers who have seen their jobs disappear at the stroke of a pen from the Federal Transport Minister who has allowed foreign workers earning as low as $2 an hour to now staff domestic shipping routes.

IMG_5289RTBU NSW Secretary Alex Claassens has said this is a dark day for regional jobs.

“The Hunter alone has seen the sacking of seafarers, freight rail staff, and the threatened sacking of transport staff in Newcastle.

“It just shows that the Hunter is being used as a test case for just how far they can push their agenda of privatising and outsourcing jobs,” Mr Claassens said.

IMG_5308When the State Liberals threatened Newcastle Buses, the labour movement showed their strength and solidarity with nearly a dozen unions coming to show their support for protecting transport jobs in the Hunter.

Mr Claassens was proud that the RTBU stood alongside the unions that supported them last year in that fight including the MUA, AWU, the AMWU, and the ASU.

“In this climate, and the threats that we face on a daily basis from these governments, we need to stand together and we need to support each other in our fights to protect rights and conditions,” Mr Claassens said.


See more coverage here: http://www.nbnnews.com.au/2016/02/12/yancoal-mining-positions-uncertain/ and http://www.portstephensexaminer.com.au/story/3724743/unions-rally-in-raymond-terrace-photos-video/#slide=1

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