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Union wins State Transit backdown on safety cutbacks at Moore Park event busway black spot

Aug 6, 2014Bus Express

Moore Park buses

RTBU Tram and Bus Division has acted on concerns from Randwick depot drivers and forced State Transit to maintain supervision at known dangerous spots for pedestrian accidents and fatalities during special events at the Moore Park precinct, raising safety concerns among bus drivers.

ST had planned to hand supervision to the Centennial Park Trust without any guarantee that the same of same level of supervision currently in place would be maintained.

Divisional Secretary Chris Preston said the Randwick bus drivers had considered a work ban on using the bus roadway at Moore Park in the interests of community safety.

Pedestrian traffic in the Moore Park area can get heavy around sporting fixtures and its easy for people’s road judgement to be impaired in their haste to get into matches or move onto post-match celebrations. Add alcohol into the mix and you’ve got a the potential for danger where both pedestrians and buses meet on the roadways.

Tens of thousands of people would have been at risk if cutbacks to supervision at the Moore Park precinct had gone ahead.