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Union slams metro rail construction on Bankstown line

Mar 1, 2017Media releases

The Rail Tram and Bus union have slammed the construction on the Bankstown rail line caused by metro rail, calling it unnecessary and disruptive.

Secretary of the RTBU NSW Alex Claassens said that the union opposed the unnecessary replacement of the line, and the metro rail intersections with the existing rail network, that will cause disruptions to commuters and reduces the efficiency of public transport in Western Sydney.

“The RTBU is totally opposed to the removal of the existing Bankstown line to support single-deck driverless metro trains – it’s an illogical change for no good reason.” Mr Claassens said.

“There is no adequate reason to replace the existing Bankstown railway line, which works perfectly fine already, and has the potential for a much needed increase in services if the government purchased more trains.”

“We are adamantly opposed to the introduction of the metro train line wherever it intersects with the existing railway line, because we think it’s inherently unsafe and could potentially jeopardise the integrity of the network.”

“The possible benefit of any Metro line is that it is totally separated from an existing network, and it will provide a service where otherwise no other service already exists.”

“The changes to the Bankstown line are totally unnecessary disruption to commuters who will be forced onto buses, for a project that defies logic.”

“Commuters should not have face a possible closure of Sydney’s Bankstown Line for an initial six months and then two months a year after, for the construction of a new multibillion-dollar metro train line,” he said.

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