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Travelink Computer Reservation Allowance

Aug 4, 2014RTBU News

To: RTBU Station Members

For some time now Members have raised concerns with many on-going issues with payroll and pay related irregularities. One of those irregularities was the non-payment or changed application in the way payroll paid the Travelink Allowance. The allowance is paid to station staff employees, at designated stations, that are required to operate the Travelink Computer Reservation System, (TCRS) during their shift.

The entitlement to the allowance was based on a minimum operation of the TCRS for 2 hours over a shift and if a minimum of 2 hour operation was rostered that the “ENTIRE” shift attracted the allowance currently set at 74 cents per hour.

This changed practice has been occurring since September 2013 and maybe earlier payroll changed the application of the entitlement. The changed interpretation was to the affect that employees only attracted the allowance for the hours rostered to operate the TCRS, if they paid it at all.

After representation by the RTBU to management, highlighting the previous agreement on the entitlement I am pleased to announce that management have agreed that the Union’s stated position and understanding of the agreement is the correct one. As such management have issued instructions to payroll to make the appropriate adjustment and pay this allowance.

With the enormous number of pay related issues it is recommended that those members who would normally have received the Travelink allowance check their previous pay slips and timesheets as far back as possible to ensure that they have received their entitlement. If any errors or non-payment has occurred they need to provide amended timesheet(s) indicating the shifts and the hours that they should have received the allowance.

If you require any information or access to your previous pay slips and/or timesheets you should contact your manager or payroll services.


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