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Transport workers believe pubic transport quality has decreased

Mar 27, 2015Media releases News

A third of transport workers in NSW think it is likely they will lose their job over the next two years and almost 60 per cent say they have no confidence at all in the management of our transport systems.

In addition, 50 per cent of workers believe the quality of public transport has got worse over the past four years. Just 21 per cent believe it has improved.

Rail, Tram and Bus Union NSW Secretary Alex Claassens said the findings from a survey of over 1000 transport workers conducted by Essential Research shows a deep dissatisfaction in the Baird Government’s handling of our transport systems.

“These findings fly in the face of the Baird Government’s claims that it has been heavily focused on improving our transport system,” Mr Claassens said.

“Given the Baird Government’s attack on transport jobs over recent times, it’s no real surprise that workers are fearful their jobs could be on the chopping block next.

“Since the Baird Government came into power, we’ve seen around 2,500 transport workers’ jobs cut. It’s no coincidence that the quality of service has decreased at the same time the government has axed the jobs of those delivering the service.

“50 per cent of transport workers in NSW believe the quality of our public transport system has decreased over the past four years. How the Baird Government can continue to talk up its public transport credentials when those on the frontline are adamant that our public transport system has suffered under their leadership is baffling.

“The Baird Government has slashed vital jobs in areas like cleaning, customer service and security. With a track record like that, is it any wonder workers have seen a decrease in the quality of the service and have lost confidence in their management?

“It’s clear that workers are deeply unhappy with how the Baird Government has handled transport issues.

“That a third of workers believe they are likely to lose their job over the coming two years show how bad the attacks on jobs have been. There’s no longer any sense of job security or confidence that the job cuts will stop. 

“The way the Baird Government has treated its public transport workers has been nothing short of disgraceful.”

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