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Transport Officer Representation Update

Sep 2, 2020News

Bulletin No. 44.20

To: All RTBU Transport Officers

Members are advised that Mick Cartwright retired from his role as an Organiser of the RTBU last Friday and he was responsible for the organisation and representation of Transport Officers and other areas in the Rail Operations Division. Mick joined the railways in 1969 and eventually became a union delegate and was the first ever Secretary of the Guards Sub Division. He came to work in the union office over 15 years ago and has always worked hard to represent the members and he will certainly be missed.

Organisers and Industrial Officers from the Rail Operations, Workshops, Infrastructure, and Salaried and Admin Divisions held a planning session last Friday to decide how Mick’s areas of responsibility would be covered in his absence. During that session, each of Mick’s areas was discussed and analysed to ensure that the allocated Organiser who was best placed to represent Transport Officers would take over Mick’s hard work and that there would be no gap in representation for each division.

In the end it was agreed that organising responsibilities for Transport Officers would be given to Helen Bellette as from the close of business on Friday, 28 August 2020. Helen comes from a background as a Transit Officer for many years, has extensive experience in campaigning, and is a strident and effective advocate for members in trouble. Helen is well placed to pick up where Mick left off.

As part of the handover process, Mick Cartwright spoke to your delegate, Andrew Skundric, and told him that Helen would be the Transport Officer organiser moving forward.

Helen has hit the ground running and is already assisting several Transport Officers who have needed help since Monday. Transport Officers’ are in good hands with Helen.

Helen will be out and about meeting members who do not know her. If you want to meet specifically with her to discuss any issues, please contact the office and we will arrange it.

Issued by:
Toby Warnes
Director of Organising  
Authorised by:
Alex Claassens
Branch Secretary

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