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Transport Minister publicly confirms privatisation agenda

Mar 21, 2017Media releases

The Rail Tram and Bus Union have called on the NSW Premier to explain the Transport and Infrastructure Minister’s announcement for full privatisation of NSW public transport in 10-15 years.

RTBU NSW Secretary Alex Claassens said the union has long warned of the NSW Government privatisation agenda, and now Minister Andrew Constance has openly admitted that he wants public transport privatised and replaced by technology.

RTBU NSW Secretary Alex Claassens said, “We’re calling on Premier Berejiklian to confirm whether the Liberal Government aims to abolish public transport for privatised technological advances in 10-15 years time.”

“After a few meetings with silicon valley types, the Minister calls a press conference to share his latest thought bubble, but he can’t show anyone how this could work safely or realistically replace a public transport system that supports over 600 million journeys every year.”

“We’ve seen the privatisation of public transport fail over and over again, leaving commuters frustrated by more expensive and sub-standard services.”

“Minister Constance forgets that his position is temporary, and if the public doesn’t like his agenda and the services his government provides, he will be booted out.”

“People want transport that is safe, reliable, affordable and focused on their needs. Time and time again we’ve seen that the privatisation of public transport does not deliver that.”

“Autonomous vehicles, intelligent big data systems, buses and trains on demand all sound exciting, but there is no way to make this work across a complex network of city and regional transport that services hundreds of thousands of people daily.”

“Minister Constance says in 10 to 15 years’ time government will not be in the provision of transport services – we would argue that the provision of public transport is an essential service and is exactly the job of government.”

“Minister Constance and his plans to privatise public transport will not survive 10 or 15 months with the voters of NSW.” he said.