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Update 8, Friday August 18

Aug 18, 2017


Your union representatives met with management on the 15th August to make clear to them the importance of access to domestic violence leave and critical incident leave.

We told management that providing protections when things go wrong at work is how they can show they value staff and the work we do.

We said that access to leave when things go wrong also helps our passengers. It means employees at work are focused on their jobs and employees on leave can get the help that they need.

We are hopeful management has listened and await their response.

Management also took the opportunity to outline their views on the finances of the rail entities and what this means for a fair pay rise to reward employees’ work. Unsurprisingly, they are claiming that the pot is bare. We do not accept this and will continue to advocate for a pay rise that values us, the work that we do and the value of our service for passengers.

There has never been a more important time to be a union member. To join, call your union today!

Download this bulletin here:

RTBU NSW 1707 Rail Entities Update 8