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Update 6, Thursday August 3

Aug 3, 2017


Union Delegates and representatives met with management on Tuesday 1st August to negotiate the structure and operation of Clause 12 (Facilitation Clause) of the Agreement.

The facilitation clause gives employees impacted by changes a voice and a vote in those discussions and fair compensation for changes made.

Members’ want a commitment that:

  • The employer will properly cost the effect of changes proposed in this Agreement and that money saved will be set aside for the use in Clause 12
  • They can identify their own proposals for inclusion in Clause 12
  • Any worker covered by a Facilitation Clause can raise proposals for changes.

Practically, this means we want:

  • No arbitration on our conditions when an agreement for change can’t be reached
  • Firm starting times for any Clause 12 negotiations
  • Tabling information on the value of productivity improvements and offers made to assist in reaching agreement.

Instead of adopting a sensible approach, management are pushing a facilitation clause scheme that includes:

  • Arbitration by the Fair Work Commission after 6 months of change discussions if Agreement can’t be reached
  • A new set of matters to considered by the existing Clause 12
  • New work groups to be included in Clause 12.

After hearing from thousands of members, your negotiating team told management that we reject Clause 12 processes that take years, and end in nothing because management either walks away, loses interest, or can’t stump up the money.

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Please distribute this bulletin throughout your workplace. If you have any questions or require more information contact your union.

Download this bulletin here: RTBU NSW 1707 Rail Entities Update 6