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Update 5, Thursday July 27

Jul 27, 2017


Union delegates and representatives met with Sydney and NSW Trains management on the 25th July to talk about the issues that matter in your new Agreement.

We put forward a plan for negotiations. Our plan relies on management providing all the information needed for members to consider the big issues– we hope that they now choose to work with us and deliver the information promised.

On the issues of job security, we said we need to see;

  • Detailed written information on the savings that management will achieve if they cut conditions in the current deed.
  • Full costings of the use of contractors, labour hire and out-sourcing over the last three years
  • Detailed information on total savings, efficiencies and productivity gains because of restructures, redundancies and other staff cuts over the past 3 years.

On other key issues, we requested;

  • A copy of the detailed analysis of existing public sector domestic violence leave provisions that management said they had completed
  • A written response on our claim for fair treatment for all employees involved in critical incidents
  • A written proposal on disciplinary and safety investigations to be provided at the next meeting – management has said yes to this.

We told management that this full information is needed for us to consider all issues on the table.

We also made it clear that there are no circumstances where we could agree to make the Fair Work Commission the final arbiter on changes made using the Facilitation Clauses.

The best way to secure your job and protect your conditions is for everyone in your workplace to be a union member so join your union today!

Download a PDF version of this notice here.