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Update 13, Wednesday October 11

Oct 11, 2017

Rail delegates spell out the issues

The Combined Rail Union delegates and representatives met with management on the 10th October to hear from them how they intend to meet members’ demands for:

  • The right to full disclosure and all information when Management move A Pay Offer that recognises and respects the productivity gains delivered by the workforce since 2014, and ensures that the term of any new Agreement permits members to review the way in which Management deals with the workforce during the life of a new Agreement
  • Improved job security at a time when we know restructures, technological change and job losses are being planned by Management as we bargain, and the right to legally enforce decent provisions for Redundancy and Redeployment
  • The right to ensure that Flexibility Clauses (Clause 12) meet the needs of all the workforce for both recognition and security during the life of the next Agreement
  • The right to relevant information about plans to contract out our work to third parties and the right to protect direct employment
  • Paid Domestic Violence Leave that delivers protection and security to the Rail workforce
  • Timelier, fairer and more transparent provisions for dealing with Disciplinary and Safety Investigations
  • Support for professional engineering recognition programs


NEXT STEPS: Management and union representatives will exchange written clarifications of these matters for discussion at the meeting scheduled for next week. These discussions will be critical to determining the next phase of our campaign for recognition and respect in a new Agreement

If you have any questions about negotiations or what steps we need to take to get a good Agreement, make sure you speak to your delegate. Together we can secure good jobs and fair conditions.

Download a PDF version of this newsflash here.