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Update 3, Wednesday July 12

Jul 12, 2017


Our combined rail unions’ representatives have just begun negotiations with Sydney and NSW Trains management for our new agreement/s.

This meeting was our chance to tell management what matters to all our members and explain our log of claims. We put to them our plan (outlined in our log of claims) about what it takes to improve our work and conditions. It is now up to management to provide a serious response.
We also told them that more restructures can’t start while we are bargaining so that we can reach a fair agreement.
At the meeting, we also dealt with some practical issues. We said we need 75% more negotiation meetings so that we can reach a fair deal as soon as possible – management agreed. We told management that interested members need to be able to observe the negotiation meetings. They said no – this is unfair and we are not giving up on this point. We also addressed the issue of all our nominated delegates not being booked off for the negotiations meeting. If you were one of these delegates, call your union office today.
The next meeting will be held on the 18th July. At this meeting management will put forward their list of issues for discussion as well as responding to our plan.

As we begin discussions for the agreement that will set our pay and conditions for the next few years, it is important we show management we are strong and united as members of our unions. To join, call our union office today!

Download a PDF of this notice here.