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Update 7, Wednesday August 9

Aug 9, 2017


Union representatives and delegates met with management on the 8th August to put forward our plan to secure members’ jobs.

We said that where there are changes or restructures, members need every opportunity to retain meaningful, ongoing employment (redeployment) if their position is declared excess, even if they do not immediately meet any selection criteria.

We also said members who are affected by a restructure must be provided with comprehensive support which maximises their redeployment opportunities, including opportunities to upgrade or acquire new skills and/or qualifications.

Redeployment opportunities should include:

  • Either a position in the new structure; or
  • A position in another area of Sydney or NSW Trains; or
  • A position in another public sector agency during the retention period.

We told management that redundancy should occur only as a last resort, when the employer has exhausted redeployment options and, can demonstrate there is no position available in either of the rail entities or in another public sector agency.

Your negotiating team said that making these rights enforceable with the Agreement is critical!
Your team have asked management to explain how they think the process currently works – we await their response.

Not a union member? Stand up for secure jobs and join today.

Please distribute this bulletin throughout your workplace. If you have any questions or require more information contact your union.