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Sydney & NSW Trains – What we’re fighting for

Dec 19, 2017

Download the PDF of this bulletin here.

This Protected Action Ballot is your chance to show management you are serious about winning a good Agreement.

A vote for a protected action ballot is NOT a commitment to take action, it just means that all options are available to you to win the best Agreement possible.

Management is busy trying to confuse you because there is a lot at stake. Some of the things on the line are,

  • Cuts to your safeguards in Clause 12 (facilitation clause). Management want to be able to force you to vote on their proposals, we say that your delegates should decide if it goes out to a vote;
  • A pay rise above 2.5%;
  • Fair redundancy and redeployment conditions in an enforceable industrial instrument;
  • Keeping and strengthening commitments to prioritise use of permanent, full time employees in order to secure jobs;
  • Maintaining the value of employee Opal cards when services are privatised.

You can see more detail about the issues of contention at www.rtbuexpress.com.au/trainseba

If you care about any of these, you need you to vote, and vote YES to all action options!

Remember this is a postal ballot, so the only way you will receive the voting form is in your mailbox. If you have not yet received it you need to act now and contact the AEC by contacting Tony at the Australian Electoral Commission on 02 9375 6364.

If you have any questions, please contact your local delegate, or call the RTBU Office on (02) 9264 2511.

In Solidarity,

Your RTBU team.