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Train signallers ease overtime ban after NSW Government commits to key safety claims

Feb 9, 2022Media releases News

Train signallers have ceased their industrial action banning overtime shifts after the NSW Government agreed to resolve some of workers’ key safety claims in their new enterprise agreement, the Rail, Tram and Bus Union (RTBU) NSW says.

On Tuesday evening Transport Minister David Elliot committed to including two key safety asks in rail workers’ enterprise agreement with NSW Trains and Sydney Trains:

  • No driver-only trains in NSW, which will allow guards to continue working with drivers and station staff to ensure passenger safety on the platform
  • A fully transparent risk-assessment process for all new trains, with safety concerns to be evaluated by an independent third party

Train signallers have ceased their overtime ban at the Minister’s request, while it remains in place for the rest of Sydney and NSW Train employees until 21 February. All employees will continue the bans on working with contractors and foreign depot working as bargaining with transport management continues.

“This is a win for thousands of rail workers who have spent a year fighting for these safety claims – claims transport management have knocked back again and again at the bargaining table,” says Alex Claassens, Secretary of RTBU NSW.

“At the same time, rail workers should not have to fight this hard for common sense safety measures on our railways.

“We are hopeful that bargaining with NSW and Sydney Trains will now be more productive and management will agree to negotiate on the rest of workers’ important safety claims.

“I sincerely apologise to anyone whose travel is disrupted. Please understand that this week industrial action has achieved what a year of negotiations could not, and made our railways safer for you to travel.”

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