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Train drivers stick with bus drivers against privatisation

Jun 29, 2017Loco Express

The Loco Division was notified by a group of trainee drivers that they were not paid their public holiday entitlement as per Clause 29 of the Sydney Trains 2014 Enterprise Agreement for the Easter period.

We view this as a breach of their entitlements and represented the trainees’ concerns to Sydney Trains management.

This issue has now been resolved and we’ve been given advice that the payment was adjusted in the period ending 10/06/17.

We’d like to thank the trainee drivers who advised the union office of the issue, asked for assistance, and provided detail. Thanks is also extended to the trainee group for their support and patience whilst a positive outcome was achieved for members.

We wish the trainees good luck during the remainder of their  training. Remember, you can always contact the RTBU Loco Division if assistance is required!

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