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Tracking the Damage – Transport Under the NSW Government

Mar 20, 2015News

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 2.15.41 pmUnions NSW have been keeping a full record of the damage caused by the NSW Government since it came to office in March 2011. Here we’ve selected just 24 instances where their actions have directly affected transport.

You can download a PDF version of this list by following the link.

1. Regulation on wages policy to freeze public sector wages to increases of 2.5 per cent per year, regardless of increases in productivity. [20 June 2011]

2. O’Farrell Government’s first budget cuts 5,000 jobs. [6 September 2011]

3. Introduced a Bill to increase fines for workers taking industrial action by 11 times the previous amount. [6 March, 2012]

4. 750 job cuts announced at RailCorp. [15 May, 2012]

5. Introduced new workers compensation laws that strip the rights of injured workers. [22 June 2012]

6. The NSW Government applied to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission to cut 98 public sector awards. The cuts included: slashing annual leave loading, cutting penalty rates for shift workers, removing sick leave entitlements and parental leave. [29 August, 2012]

7. Abolished the Transport Appeals Board. [31 August, 2012]

8. Announced another 690 jobs would be cut from RailCorp. This is in addition to the 750 job cuts already announced. [12 November 2012]

9. Privatised Port Kembla and Port Botany on a 99 year lease. [12 April, 2013]

10. The NSW Government backfliped and announced that the North-West rail link will use driver-less trains. [7 June, 2013]

11. Announced the privatisation of Newcastle Port. [19 June, 2013]

12. Commuters were left stranded after the new train timetable introduced services that skip key stations. [24 July, 2013]

13. The North West Rail Link tunnel will not be big enough for double decker trains. This raises significant concerns that the line will be privatised. [26 July, 2013]

14. Cancelled high security “Guardian” Trains. These trains guaranteed security on board so passengers knew they were always near assistance should a situation arise. [10 July 2014]

15. The Government’s new Opal Card will collect the travel history and home addresses of hundreds of thousands of commuters. These details can be passed onto the police, Centrelink, the Taxation Office and local councils with no need for a warrant. [15 July 2014]

16. Since the Government’s removal of over 600 specialised transit officers from the train system, violence on trains has worsened. In the last month 65 train staff have reported bei
ng attacked. [20 July 2014]

17. The Liberal Government announced that Opal Cards will not be sold or topped up at train ticket windows. Instead, private retail stores will sell the cards, even though not all stations have a nearby retail store. [28 July 2014]

18. The Government’s Opal Card, which is costing $1.2 billion to implement, has been overcharging commuters because of  malfunctions in its software and implementation. [08 August 2014]

19. The NSW Government will remove at least eight bus stops from Sydney’s inner west by increasing the distance between stops to at least 400m. These changes will be expanded to other areas of the city, and will not take into account the needs of elderly or mobility impaired commuters. [11 August 2014]

20. Refused to reduce the overpriced airport train fares, despite a parliamentary inquiry finding that the charge adds to road congestion and unfairly penalises workers and families. [18 September 2014]

21. Transport Minister wants to cut the number of seats on the North West Rail link. Under the Minister’s plans, 70% of commuters will be forced to stand for up to 37km. [29 September 2014]

22. The cost of the eastern suburbs light rail is expected to blow out by about $600 million more than what was budgeted. [10 November 2014]

23. NSW Government closes Newcastle rail line [December 2015]

24. Parliamentary Inquiry recommends reinstatement of Newcastle Rail line [March 2015]

See Unions NSW’s full list here

Download PDF