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The Rail Operations Centre (ROC)

Nov 4, 2014RTBU News

To RTBU Members: Signaller Sub-Division,

The Rail Operations Centre (ROC)

The RTBU have been advised that Sydney Trains are commencing work on the Rail Operations Centre (ROC). It is worth noting that this is early days yet and the ROC is in the planning stage.

The RTBU has been informed by Sydney Trains that the reasoning behind the development of the ROC is to deliver the following:

  • Bringing operational functions into one location (the ROC)
  • The introduction of new technology
  • Improving processes and ways of working.

Sydney Trains has appointed a project manager and it has been agreed to for the creation of a working group. Sydney Trains management will be delivering further presentations to Signallers and Area Controllers.

The representatives of the RTBU Signaller Sub-Division for this project are as follows:

  • Craig McCall
  • Sean Warden
  • Paul Cant
  • Gavin Thomas

Please direct all questions and/or feedback to your local delegates who will forward the information and questions through to the representatives listed above.

There is very little information to pass on regarding the ROC project. However, the membership will be updated as the information is passed through.

If you have any questions or comments about the above please contact your local delegate or the RTBU Office.

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