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The fight against bus privatisation continues

Nov 30, 2016Bus Express

Bus privatisation protests have continued across Sydney this month. Tram and Bus Division Secretary Chris Preston and President David Woollams have been hitting the streets with union volunteers and supporters to talk to the public about privatisation of bus services and what it could mean to them.

RTBU members were out leafleting commuters, and asking them to sign a petition, against the threat of bus privatisation in NSW. The union has been targeting bus stops across Sydney, twice a week, during peak travel periods, so that commuters are aware of the coming threat. They’ve been campaigning at bus stops all over Sydney including Balmain, Cremorne, Central, Leichardt, and Kingsford, and will continue to campaign until next year.

Union volunteers found that when they spoke to commuters they all agreed that Sydney buses must remain in public hands, particularly when they explained that their bus stop could disappear all together if their service were to be privatised.

Previously, the union called on the NSW Government to clarify whether there are plans to privatise STA bus services. The Tram and Bus Division are yet to hear a response.

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