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Tell Malcolm Turnbull this royal commission must not be used to attack workers’ retirement savings.

Dec 4, 2017News

Dear members,

Tell Malcolm Turnbull this royal commission must not be used to attack workers’ retirement savings.

After two years of ruling it out, Malcolm Turnbull yesterday backflipped and announced a royal commission into the big banks. 

It seemed the Prime Minister had finally buckled to overwhelming community pressure for a banking royal commission. That he had finally done the right thing. 

But no. Before too long, it became quite clear that this royal commission is tainted. 

Firstly, the Prime Minister consulted the banks, but not the banks victims. 

Then we discovered that they are going to use the Royal Commission as a witch hunt to attack workers’ retirement savings. It’s a shameless, breath-taking and nakedly political act.

Industry super is hugely successful. That’s why the weak Prime Minister and his divided government hate it. 

That’s why they have legislation before the Parliament to give big banks access to workers’ retirement savings. 

Can you sign the petition to tell Turnbull to keep the big banks out of super? We will deliver it to the Senators who have the power to block the bills, and show them there’s thousands of people who want scandal-free super. 

This is so outrageous.

The Turnbull government is dangerously obsessed. All their attacks on working people are to give more power to the big banks. 

But we can stop them. Sign the petition now and we will ensure your voice is heard.

Australia’s big four banks have a shocking record of bad advice, bad investments, customer rip-offs and facilitating money laundering. We won’t stop until we get the big banks out of our super funds. 

Industry super isn’t broken and doesn’t need fixing. It’s the big banks that are broken – that’s why we needed a real banking royal commission.

Sign the petition now


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