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TCS Knowingly Exposes Employees to Hepatitis A and B

Jan 17, 2014RTBU News

The RTBU recently got word that at some point last year TCS decided to discontinue the vaccination program that protects cleaners from contracting hepatitis A and B. They did this without informing their employees even though they knew it would leave some employees completely unvaccinated or halfway through a vaccination cycle.

Cleaners are at a higher risk of contracting these debilitating diseases due to the type of work they do. The RTBU is demanding that the program be reinstated in full and that any cleaner indentified as at risk to be vaccinated as a priority. The RTBU believes that this move was triggered as a cost cutting measure proving that TCS would rather knowingly put their employees at risk of contracting a serious disease then pay to have them protected.

So far any cost cutting measure we have seen has been directly employee related but this one takes the cake, it is a reprehensible move by TSC and it needs to be rectified immediately.

Any cleaner that believes they are due for a booster shot or have not been vaccinated should contact the RTBU urgently. You can email your details to smorrison@rtbu-nsw.asn.au or call the head office on 9264 2511.

Don’t go unprotected, even if you are unsure send your name through so we can organise a check!