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Taylor Rail NSW Enterprise Agreement

Mar 15, 2016Bulletins

Bulletin 7 – 2016

To: All RTBU NSW Taylor Rail Members

The Company has made its intention clear that they will be putting out an Enterprise Agreement for a vote that has not been endorsed by the RTBU or your representatives.

The RTBU met with the company last week to discuss the agreement as this vote still has not taken place.

We were informed that the vote will be coming soon.

The RTBU has no idea what this document will contain in its entirety. However, we are certain that the Monday-Sunday rostering system will be in this document in its worst form.

If this document is voted down this gives the RTBU and your representatives more power going into future negotiations with the company.

The company are of the belief that you don’t have any issues about the implementation of their new proposed rostering system as we have stated that you do, hence the intention by the company in their words to “test the waters” by stopping negotiations with your representatives and getting you to vote on their sub-par enterprise agreement.

If you wish the RTBU and your representatives to continue to fight for a fair deal that will cover all of you for years to come, you must vote No.

If this agreement is voted up any possibility of further negotiations in improving pay and workplace conditions at work will be lost. It will also see the introduction of a Monday-Sunday roster where employees will lose thousands of dollars each year.

The RTBU would like to thank the continued support and efforts of your representatives and all RTBU Members during these long and hard negotiations. This is a tough negotiation but as long as we stand together we can’t be beaten.


Issued by: Authorised by:
Luke Hayden


Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary


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