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Tangara gets a new seat

Sep 18, 2015Loco Express

A revised seating configuration in the cab of Tangara set ‘T129’ Car D6833 will be on trial from this week. Finally, the representatives have gained agreement with Sydney Trains management that this is a bonafide issue of training and assessing whilst facing backwards and as such have agreed to install a new seat and workstation for trial.

The trial is expected to last 6 weeks with the set to be rostered to run on sectors 1 and 3.

The proposed seat is the RTBULD ‘T6’ Locomotive high back seat which is now standard on the Tangara, Waratah and on trial on one Millennium set (M1).

Provision of a down light, footrest and independent Windscreen wipers have not been agreed or fitted as yet. Your feedback is needed as this will provide evidence of the need to move forward with these additional installations.

Please email completed questionnaire which is located in the cab of T129, if possible, to both these addresses, Keith McMahon-kmcmahon@rtbu.org.au & TCComms@transport.nsw.gov.au

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