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Sydneysiders are Australia’s biggest users of public transport

Oct 25, 2017News

The latest release of census data shows that Sydney tops the nation for the proportion of people using public transport in Australia. With 1 in 5 residents catching a bus, tram, train or ferry to work. Despite this, the Minister for Transport, Andrew Constance, insists on flogging off our transport system into private hands, which we know is a recipe for disaster. Our current public services are clearly delivering quality services to Sydney commuters, yet this network is now under threat because of a Government that has an agenda to fill their own back pockets, at the expense of commuters.

If Government get their way in their mass sell off scheme, our public transport will go down the drain, as private operators cut services and quality in order to make a profit from commuters. We’ve already seen the disaster that privatising public services has caused in countries like the UK, and Constance’s greedy privatisation plans will spell a similar disaster here in Sydney if he’s not stopped. We need to keep public transport in public hands, and let the Sydney transport network continue to be the most popular among commuters in Australia.

Meanwhile, the NSW Government has launched a new scheme to implement Opal-card reading machines across carparks in NSW. This is another cash-cow in the making, designed to rip off Sydney commuters. While this scheme has been launched being “free” parking for commuters with Opal cards, we know very well that this just another shonky plan that will have commuters being forced to pay for parking in coming years.

You can read the SMH story about the popularity of Sydney transport for commuters here: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/sydneysiders-the-nations-biggest-users-of-public-transport-for-work-commute-20171022-gz632p.html

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