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Sydney Trains uniforms a disaster

Jan 12, 2015Loco Express

The Sydney Trains uniforms have been a source of grief for many employees since they were first forced to wear them.

In December, we surveyed 297 Locomotive Division members to find out the extent of the problem.

The numbers prove it – the Sydney Trains uniform is a disaster.

Dissatisfaction with the uniform was almost universal, with only 6% of those who responded saying they had no issue with either the shirt or the trousers.

As expected the major issues were that the shirts are too hot and do not breathe (80% agree) and that the trousers are uncomfortable and hot (60% agree). Many felt that the provision of shorts for those who wanted to wear them was a priority.

The jackets and hats were also extremely unpopular. Less than 6% of members were happy with the castro jacket, the jumpers or the hats provided. A minority of 27% were satisfied with the spray jacket.

Of enormous concern is the proportion of members who cited medical or heath issues with the uniforms. For 24% of members the trousers caused skin allergies, irritations and/or excess sweating. In addition, 45% of members reported itchiness from the trousers, which in some instances led to bleeding due to excessive scratching.

There was an opportunity for members to have their say in the survey. They described the uniforms as “like wearing a plastic bag”, “a disgrace”, “embarrassing”, “a disaster” and were concerned that it lowered morale and was distracting.

The Division has raised these issues with Senior Sydney Trains Management but they have yet to respond. Members will be kept updated.

– See more at: http://locoexpress.com.au/sydney-trains-uniform-a-disaster/#sthash.9aLzZVyz.dpuf

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