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Sydney Trains “Reform”

Aug 14, 2015Loco Express

The current Sydney Trains EA contains a clause – the ‘Facilitation of Change Clause’ – which includes what process needs to occur prior to any changes being made to the items identified in the clause for Train Crew.

While it has been expected that Sydney Trains would be seeking to commence theimagesfacilitation/consultation process as outlined in the clause during the life of this agreement, it can now be confirmed that Sydney Trains has requested an initial meeting to commence the process on the 18thAugust 2015.

This is an initial meeting between the Parties which will be followed by a meeting with delegates for Sydney Trains to “explain the challenges for future operations”, which are seen by Sydney Trains as the reasons for the changes they are seeking.

The process that needs to be followed prior to change being made is set in the clause with the any final decision needing to be voted on and agreed to by members.

No detail or documentation has been received or provided to date and members are assured they will be kept informed of developments as they occur.

While the NSW Trains EA contains the same clause and process, they have not yet sought to commence the process.