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Sydney Trains Infrastructure PD Review Dispute Update

Mar 30, 2021News

Bulletin No. 17.21

Infrastructure Members at Sydney Trains have stood together and demanded Sydney Trains consult about the details of the proposed changes to position descriptions and the impact this will have on members working in network maintenance.

Over 200 members added their names to ten dispute notifications issued from each network base. While management elected to treat the ten individual disputes as one, our collective action demonstrated that we are united and will continue to stand together throughout the dispute. 

On March 4, RTBU Delegates and Officials met with management and communicated our position that by failing to provide relevant information about the rationale and workload changes to Position Descriptions they had not followed their consultation obligations at Clause 7 of the Sydney Trains Enterprise Agreement.

Management insisted that there would be no change to their current process of assessing classifications and competencies to determine the rate of pay. They advised that to consider position descriptions as part of this process it would need to be included in our log of claims as part of EA negotiations.

We are shortly expecting a formal response from management about how they will deal with the dispute. We will let you know when this response is received so we can determine the next steps. 

Members should be proud of standing together and forcing these discussions.

For further information, please contact Organiser Wayne Moody on 02 9264 2511 email wmoody@rtbu-nsw.asn.au 

  Issued by:
Wayne Moody
  Authorised by:
Alex Claassens
Branch Secretary

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