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Sydney Trains Guards: Future Operations – Vote Results

Nov 10, 2017Bulletins

Bulletin 73 – 2017

Sydney Trains Guards: Future Operations – Vote Results

The Future Operations proposal ballot for Sydney Trains Guards opened at 8:00AM on Friday the 3rd November 2017 and closed at midnight on Wednesday the 8th November 2017.

This was your chance to have your say on the proposed changes.

The Vote and Ballot was conducted by the Election Consulting Group which is an independent company.

Ballot Results

Item Vote


Eligible to




% Yes % No
Aggregated Base Pay (cab and security allowance) No 1173 725 31.72% 68.28%
Working on Book Off Day payment (guard practice drives and guard relief ratios) Yes 1173 725 53.24% 46.76%


The outcome of the ballot means that the cab and security allowance will remain as it is today.

The working on a book off day (WOBOD) payment will commence from the 25th February 2018.

The changes to on-loan and swapping arrangements negotiated by your delegates will also come into effect from the 25th February 2018.

For more information on these changes, contact your delegate or the RTBU office on 9264 2511.

Issued by: Authorised by:
Mick Cartwright


Alex Claassens

Branch Secretary


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