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Sydney Trains Guards Forum – Update

Dec 21, 2018News

On the 18th December 2018, Guards delegates and Sydney Trains management met to talk about issues that you have raised and what needs to happen to fix them. Click here to download a printable version of this bulletin.

Some of the issues discussed included:

  • The introduction of a “Crew Assist app” to improve contact with TCAC during degraded working mode. The initial information provided about the application seems promising however more work is needed to make sure it is implemented properly.
  • A proposal was tabled by Sydney Trains about fixing the numerous issues regarding leave entitlements. This included issues with attaching public holidays onto annual leave, long service leave requests and requests for leave at short notice (and the limited timeframes offered).


After reviewing the proposal, your RTBU Delegates decided that further discussions were needed with Sydney Trains to explore better outcomes. These discussions will take place at the beginning of January and we will update you.


  • Guards who have recently “taken-up” or those in new classes that had not been allocated annual leave for next year will be notified of their leave allocation in the near future.


  • Lift-up and Lay-back entitlements for standby shifts on the Master Roster has been an ongoing dispute. Your RTBU representatives offered the simple solution of allocating a designated diagram number to each standby shift for Main Lines. Sydney Trains has agreed to this solution however standby shifts for Relief lines will remain unchanged (depot dependant). However, the Relief Line guards will be permitted to claim the lift-up and lay-back for any diagram that is altered from the schedule book as currently applicable to Main Line Guards.


  • There was a discussion about the need to update the GRAWA. Further meetings will be scheduled in the new year to address this.


  • Your Delegates emphasised to Management the importance of peer support when you return from Critical Incident Leave. The need to recruit more peer support mentors so that you can access the services you need is vital. Management has said they are in the process of training the current list of volunteers and are looking into the ratios of mentors/ crew to improve availability.


  • Concerns were raised with the process of disclosing information to Sonic Health for health assessments. Management said these issues would be addressed with the successful applicant once the tender for the health assessment contract is finalised.


  • Finally concerns about pay audits and the process for fixing pay discrepancies were raised. Management gave assurances that the issue would be addressed.


There will be another guards’ forum early in 2019 and we will update you on these issues as soon as more information becomes available.

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