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Sydney Trains – Future Operations Update

Aug 25, 2017Bulletins Loco Express

An RTBU Locomotive Division Sydney Trains Delegates’ Forum was held yesterday 23/08/17 to discuss and endorse the Locomotive Divisions’ continued involvement in the Future Operations program (Clause 12 – Sydney Trains Enterprise Agreement 2014).

Delegates reviewed the Draft Agreement with the Locomotive Division Future Ops Working Group and then received a presentation from Sydney Trains management regarding the draft agreement and a proposed membership Depot Tour to be conducted prior to a vote of affected employees taking place.

Locomotive Division Delegates endorsed the following;

    •   That Agreement in Principle be given on the as proposed Future Op’s package,
    •   That the document and member explanation pack be finalised and distributed to all members in preparation for a vote of affected Driver employees
    •   The final document and information pack to be provided to each affected member as required by Clause 12.7 of the 2014 EA.
    •   A 2 week Depot Tour to be conducted from the second week in September to brief members of the package, with a detailed tour plan including, Depots, Locations, dates and times being distributed as soon as it is finalised/agreed.

It has been agreed that a two-hour non subject time payment will be paid to members who attend the depots meetings, outside of paid working time.Voting will be conducted via a secret online/electronic process administered by an independent organisation, allowing for maximum membership participation. Further details on the voting process will be confirmed in future Footplates and via Locoexpress.

Members will be able to vote online via personal computer, tablet or mobile device, with additional dedicated voting kiosks set up in each depot.

The Locomotive Division encourages all members to participate in the voting process.


Download this Footplate here.

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