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Jan 27, 2018News

Negotiation update

While the Fair Work Commission was making its decision to suspend our action for six weeks, your negotiating team was in talks about your enterprise agreement.

Your unity forced the Premier to join the discussion, along with the Transport Minister.

They still didn’t come to the table with a better wage offer, but all parties have agreed to continue to negotiate an enterprise agreement that provides you with the fair wages and conditions you deserve.

A further negotiation meeting is scheduled for Monday next week to confirm that the documents now reflect the changes agreed today and there will be further discussions on the wage offer. This will be followed be a Combined Rail Unions delegates meeting at UnionNSW on Thursday to discuss the next steps – which will likely include a depot tour to discuss the details of the current agreement on the table. To be very clear – a depot tour would not mean there is agreement on the current offer, but it is your chance to have your questions about what’s on offer answered.

The Fair Work Commission decision was incredible disappointing, but we’re not giving up.

Our action may have been paused, but the push for an agreement that provides you with fair wages and conditions is certainly continuing.

The unity you have shown recently has got us to this position, and it will deliver the agreement you deserve.

Stay tuned for the next steps. In the meantime, sign up to the ACTU’s Change the Rules campaign. The Fair Work Commission decision yesterday is a clear sign that working people need better and stronger rights at work to ensure our jobs are secure and our wages are fair.

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