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Sydney & NSW Trains: Standing Together to Secure Our Conditions

Jul 20, 2017Loco Express

At the meeting held on July 18th, the management of Sydney and NSW Trains responded to the members’ claims and put forward their own claims for a new agreement.

Despite management platitudes, it was clear their scheme is to cut your conditions. They put forward cuts to your redundancy rights and cuts to your control over your conditions by removing your guaranteed vote on any changes under clause 12 (the facilitation clause) during the new agreement – all for a pay offer of ‘up to 2.5%’.

They also said that the pay offer is only ‘good’ if Agreement is reached between the parties by 30th September 2017. This response demonstrates a lack of respect for the work, skills and productivity delivered by employees over the life of the 2014 Agreement.

Download update No. 4 here.