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Sydney & NSW Trains Member – EA Tour Update

Mar 25, 2022News

Bulletin No. 4.22

This week, RTBU Guards delegates and organisers have visited depots across the network to engage with members about a proposal from the Transport Minister.

The proposal was for us to accept several train crewing claims from our log in return for lifting some of our industrial actions for the period of intensive negotiations with Sydney and NSW Trains until April 29.

Also included was a commitment that Sydney and NSW Trains would drop their initiative attacking the longstanding Guards Transfer Agreement allowing Guards to Transfer between depots via ‘Seniority’.

This proposal was endorsed through the member meetings, and we thank everyone who turned up at these meetings and engaged with delegates and organisers. Our EA delegates will now re-commence this period of bargaining as we continue to push for a fair and reasonable Enterprise Agreement for our members.

It is important to note that the Protected Action of a ban on foreign depot working will continue until 0001 hours on April 3 as originally notified. Sydney and NSW Trains seemingly forgot about this action and as such was not included in the above proposal. We have received requests to suspend this action but they were rejected immediately.

In regards to the much publicised ’Fare Free Day’ action. This was part of our industrial strategy to draw the Government back to the table to engage with your EA delegates and to maintain the support of the travelling public. We have had their support since the infamous lockout on February 21, when they failed to paint us in a bad light in the court of public opinion.

Congratulations to all members for their continued hard work and solidarity throughout a difficult few weeks. It has not been easy and made even more challenging due to the incompetence and devious intents of Transport for NSW supported by the Government.

  Issued by:
Craig Turner
  Authorised by:
Alex Claassens
Branch Secretary

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